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Steven Spielberg’s ‘Ready Player One’ levels up with a brand-new trailer

Put on your haptic mitts and buckle on your VR goggles it’s go for a futuristic outing down memory lane. Let us clarify: Ready Player One is set in the year 2040 s, but in a 2040 s that’s truly…

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‘Star Trek Discovery’ brings us Spock’s stepsister, gay officers and ‘most f*cked up Captain’

That sound you just heard was list of presidents of every Star Trek devotee explosion as details of their new appearance discontinued at Comic-Con. Not least of which was the fact that Spock now has a stepsister, and she’s the…

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Jimmy Kimmel tweets a sweet update on 3-month-old son

Image: YOUTUBE/ JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE Months after uncovering his newborn son’s diagnosis with a serious center mode, Jimmy Kimmel was of the view that little Billy is “doing great.” The Jimmy Kimmel Live emcee shared an extremely charming photo( that…

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‘Aquaman’ will find Aquaman experiencing Atlantis for the very first time

Come on in, the water’s fine . Image: Warner Bros . Based on the most recent Justice League trailer, it sure looks like Aquaman could be the scene-stealing breakout and the good news is that his newfound devotees won’t have…

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Tracking Trump: Russia scandal deepens while healthcare flatlines

Donald Trump clashed with Senate Republicans on the healthcare legislation and Robert Mueller, in a stormy week that ended with Sean Spicer quittingIt was a week full of difficult news for the Trump administration on both the Russia fronts, at…

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All the ‘Ready Player One’ gaming, TV, film references hiding in the new trailer

Image: warner bros via youtube The first trailer for Steve Spielberg’s virtual reality epic Ready Player One has just shored and the response has been positive so far. But for those who aren’t familiar with the book the movie is…

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DC has a lot of superhero movies coming, but there’s a major one that’s missing

The gang’s all now! Wait , no, there’s something missing … Image: warner bros. illustrates Marvel might have gotten a head start on constructing their cinematic universe but DC is planning to catch up faster than a speeding bullet. At…

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VCs love insurance, even if you dont

Joanna Glasner is a reporter for Crunchbase. More berths by this give: Not a minimalist? Startups will freely accumulate, manage and deliver your pieces The state of the unicorn

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Bitter Palestinian rivalry adds to the agony of Gazas vulnerable

Cancer cases desperate for medicines: a stricken country loses fresh miseryIn triggered by the Palestinian leadership in the West Bank, in collaboration with Israel. A blockade, military and fiscal, be determined by acre, breath and sea, was first imposed by…

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Gwendoline Christie explains the weird, sexual dynamic between Brienne and Tormund

Image: hbo SAN DIEGO Catelyn Stark is long dead, and there doesn’t seem to be any Lady Stoneheart in the offing. So why is Brienne of Tarth still following her successions? It’s not an answer Game of Thrones has in…

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