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‘Fear is everywhere’: a quiet paranoia haunts post-Weinstein Hollywood

The industry is on edge as allegations of sexual misconduct reach dizzying heights. The question on everyones mind is: Who will be next?Week five of the great reckoning and Hollywood is frightened and lost, drifting deeper into uncharted waters with…

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Harvey Weinstein Accused of Racketeering to Cover Up Sexual Assaults of Women

Harvey Weinstein and the Weinstein Company are the subjects of a new class-action lawsuit in federal court that accuses them of a pattern of racketeering to cover up Weinsteins alleged serial sexual assaults.The plaintiffs, six women, seek to be certified…

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Whos Next?: The Mysterious Blind-Item King Who Exposed Weinstein, Spacey, and Lauer Before the Media

Whos next?Its the only question that anyone who is obsessed with media, celebrity, and justice has been asking ever since Oct. 5, the day the Harvey Weinstein story broke, unleashing a never-ending tidal wave of truth-telling in the mediaand across…

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Ann Curry Is Every Woman Cast Aside for a Shitty Media Man

Ann Curry must be celebrating.At least thats the fan fiction that lit up social media Wednesday morning following the news that Matt Lauer had been fired by NBC for inappropriate sexual behavior.Hes merely the newest addition to the perv lineup…

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‘You’ll never work again’: women tell how sexual harassment broke their careers

Actors, writers, assistants, comedians and journalists speak out about the toll that sexual assault and harassment in the workplace took on their futuresAs women come forward with accusations of sexual harassment in politics, media, entertainment and other fields, following the…

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Morrissey Is the Lena Dunham of Music

Disturbing accusations of sexual abuse, harassment and rape have shaken the entertainment industry for the past two months. The tidal wave of allegations streaming out of Hollywood feels like a watershed moment in popular culture; a throwing back of a…

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Macron Unveils Measures to Combat Violence Against French Women

French President Emmanuel Macron proposed a series of measures including special police internet hotlines and a large public campaign to combat violence against women, an issue thrust into a public debate by revelations involving film producer Harvey Weinstein.In a speech in Paris,…

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Moore Has Put Republican Leaders in a Bind

Roy Moore has Republicans pinned in a corner with no easy exit.The scandal-tainted U.S. Senate candidate from Alabama could join the chamber, potentially poisoning his party’s standing before the 2018 congressional elections. Or Republicans could lose a previously safe seat…

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Fortress Loan Talks With Weinstein Co. End Without a Deal

Weinstein Co. have ended as the filmmaker continues to reel from sex-abuse allegations against its namesake co-founder, a person familiar with the situation said.Fortress may re-enter talks with Weinstein Co. to provide funding during a bankruptcy process if the movie…

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From Harvey Weinstein to Shakira, the celebrities with offshore interests

Martha Stewart, Madonna and Nicole Kidman are among those named in leaked Paradise Papers documentsThey are some of the biggest names in entertainment, and all of them make an appearance in the Paradise Papers. Some do so by name, such…

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