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‘Fear is everywhere’: a quiet paranoia haunts post-Weinstein Hollywood

The industry is on edge as allegations of sexual misconduct reach dizzying heights. The question on everyones mind is: Who will be next?Week five of the great reckoning and Hollywood is frightened and lost, drifting deeper into uncharted waters with…

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Bryan Singer: The Epitome of Hollywoods White Male Privilege Problem

When Jessica Chastain tweeted, Let us not forget, before linking to an article about Bryan Singers past sexual-assault allegations, who couldve imagined that hed soon be fired for a completely unrelated offense?On Monday, The Hollywood Reporter broke the news that…

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Whos Next?: The Mysterious Blind-Item King Who Exposed Weinstein, Spacey, and Lauer Before the Media

Whos next?Its the only question that anyone who is obsessed with media, celebrity, and justice has been asking ever since Oct. 5, the day the Harvey Weinstein story broke, unleashing a never-ending tidal wave of truth-telling in the mediaand across…

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Morrissey Is the Lena Dunham of Music

Disturbing accusations of sexual abuse, harassment and rape have shaken the entertainment industry for the past two months. The tidal wave of allegations streaming out of Hollywood feels like a watershed moment in popular culture; a throwing back of a…

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Netflix cuts ties with House of Cards actor Kevin Spacey

More fallout from allegations surrounding House of Cards actor, Kevin Spacey: Netflix has said it will no longer work with the actor at all. In a statement given to the Verge yesterday, a Netflix spokesperson said: “Netflix will not be involved with any…

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Hollywood actors speak of ‘rampant’ problem of male abusers targeting men

Speaking out in the wake of an allegation of sexual harassment against Kevin Spacey, male actors say abuse against boys and young men is taboo but pervasiveHollywood has a rampant and pervasive problem of men sexually abusing boys and young…

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Kevin Spacey’s coming out is a tasteless distraction that hurts the LGBTQ community

House of Cards executive producer and actor Kevin Spacey allegedly sexually assaulted actor Anthony Rapp when he was 14, according to a story BuzzFeed News broke late Sunday night. And now Spacey’s apology has left LGBTQ activists livid—especially since he used the allegations as an…

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